Banyu Tibo Pacitan coast, the Exoticism of a Natural Waterfall Beach and Uniq

Enchantment in Indonesia as there are no inexhaustible to be enjoyed. interesting information about the most fascinating tourist attractions, this time discussing Banyu Tibo Pacitan Coast, Coastal Waterfall Exoticism. The large number of references to the attractions and the natural landscape through photos that we present to you, may be able to determine which tour is suitable for vacation with the family or with friends. An awful lot of the location of the beaches, mountainsIslands and also bebukitan, and do not forget the maritime tourism andwater tourism.
Beach Banyu Tibo Pacitan, Exoticism Waterfall Beach

Pacitan is one of the regencies in East Java who has become the most visited by the tourists. Not only Do the beach is very well known among the tourists. But there is still one more tourist attractions in Pacitan, Indonesia are popular and very interesting to visit namely Beach Banyu Tibo.

Pantai Banyu Tibo, Perpaduan Pantai Dan Air Terjun Yang Eksotis
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The beach in the village of Widoro, Donorojo, Pacitan, it has overlooked a very different nature when compared to other beaches. This is because by this beach has its own uniqueness and characteristics.

And one of the characteristic and interesting things found on this beach is the presence of a waterfall that flowed directly to the beach. Waterfalls of Banyu Tibo coast itself comes from a water flow of the right tributaries rises in the coastal lip.

The river is above the beach. It is not surprising that the waterfall had only ± 2 meters height wrote.

The History Of The Coast Of Banyu Tibo

Banyu Tibo Beach located south shore is also adjacent to the border between East Java with Java. Banyu Tibo Beach name is itself a namefrequently mentioned by the local people in their time. The water flow of the river is the right falls to the shore as a waterfall.

In the Java language (banyu = water); (tibo = falling) then by way of the terms this Could mean Banyu Tibo as falling water comes from underground Springs Mountain after it flows as a small stream with clear water after it rises and falls to the shore (as waterfalls).

Tourism Activity While On The Beach Banyu Tibo.

Foto Pantai Banyu Tibo, Perpaduan Pantai Dan Air Terjun Yang Eksotis
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At this beach you can play water at the beach, however Banyu Tibo remain cautious because the layout of the Banyu Tibo Beach located on the South coast of Java, which is famous for its big waves. In addition you can take a shower under the waterfall that comes from the river that rises on the beach ' Tibo.

Do not miss you guys can take pictures at the beach, and distributedto social media. Other activities Could you guys do at the beach Banyu Tibo i.e. you guys can enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Banyu Tibo that usually in the evenings will be utilized by the locals to find fishor fishing.

The charm of beach tourism Banyu Tibo in Pacitan.

When we talk about the beach, then typically you will imagine a place that has very broad landscape and accompanied by the beautiful beach sand.

It will however, Banyu Tibo Beach area is not too large. And because of the relatively narrow Beach area, then when the tide is undergoingMarine water so the visitors can just enjoy the beautiful views of the beach from the top of the cliff.

Foto Pantai Banyu Tibo, Perpaduan Pantai Dan Air Terjun Yang Eksotis
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It will however when Bahari were receding, you guys could play in the beach area complete with waterfall there. Playing in the waterfalls there is certainly an exciting experience aja can not you guys forget.

Especially when the volume of water in the waterfalls are high enough, then it will certainly be able to make the vacation you guys become increasingly fun and engrossing.

But not just for the charm of the coast of Banyu Tibo is one of the most beautiful beaches in East Java this, has white sand beach has become an attraction for tourists.

In addition, the beach Banyu Tibo also had rock as well as a cluster ofhills that is able to add to the beauty of the natural scenery in there became increasingly beautiful and mesmerizing.

Access to the beach Banyu Tibo

Foto Pantai Banyu Tibo, Perpaduan Pantai Dan Air Terjun Yang Eksotis
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To be able to arrive to the coast Banyu Tibo is not difficult. As for the easiest route to is to be able to arrive to the Banyu Tibo beach this is the path that leads through to Goa Gong, Pacitan.

Through the main street of Pacitan  Solo, While at the t-junction near the great mosque Punung is from the direction when you See then please turn to the left. After that it was time to meet with you guys again the t-junction turn right then straight mandatory hold. After you guys arrived in Goa Gong, take a look at the Board and take the majors Kebonagung then follow the next instructions.

When you guys came from Solo, then to get to this beach Banyu Tibo arrives you guys mandatory drove about 110 km. and so this beachis not bypassed by public transportation, then we recommend you guys wear.

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