Featuring a waterfall, the most beautiful and highest in Banyuwangi natural

The beauty of the tour in Indonesia as there would be no inexhaustible to be enjoyed. interesting information about the most fascinating tourist attractions, this time discussing Waterfall Lider, the most beautiful and highest in Banyuwangi. A reference collection of tourist attractions and the natural landscape through photos, may be this: determine which tour is suitable for vacation with the family or with friends. An awful lot of the location of the beaches, mountainsIslands, and do not forget the maritime tourism and water tourism.
Featuring a waterfall, the most beautiful and highest in Banyuwangi

Lider-waterfall is a waterfall located on the slopes of the mountainswith cool in a protected forest area. Splash waterfalls scum that have been outlining the sunlight into a spectrum of colors of the Rainbowlooked really stunning reigning among shadowy trees with danglingroots in sekilingnya.

Foto dan Gambar Air Terjun Lider, Yang Terindah dan Tertinggi Di Banyuwangi
ilustrasi from banyuwangibagus.com

Waterfalls spill Lider has high terjunan the water about 60 metres with the layout height ranges from 1,300 meters above the surface of the Nautical and water comes from mountain spring water flow.

In addition to the main falls there are also 4 pieces small waterfall which is also part of the flow of the main waterfall. When you guys were here then you will feel the atmosphere of peace created in the area of the waterfall Lider.

But not only that, around the waterfall is also very exotic with the presence of the walls of cliffs that form rows of stones with dimensionalflat looked like was hanging between two deep ravines that squeezeflow Waterfall Lider.

With such conditions, it is not surprising that this Waterfall is the Lider touted best waterfalls and the highest that exist in Banyuwangi Regency.

Featuring A Waterfall.

Water Tejun Lider is located in the hamlet of Sragi, Arum, Songgon, Banyuwangi, East Java.

Histories Of The Waterfall Lider.

Foto dan Gambar Air Terjun Lider, Yang Terindah dan Tertinggi Di Banyuwangi
ilustrasi from banyuwangibagus.com

The name of the waterfall is given based on the location featuring a waterfall that is located in a swath of protected forest 74, block 3, located east of the mountain slopes that Roared is still included in the area of the Resort Pemangkuan forest (RPH) Jambewangi, Setail Time,West of Banyuwangi.

And for you guys who want to visit the sights of Waterfalls 3, then you guys are obliged to have the soul of the explorers, for field trips that must be you guys go through to reach the waterfall Lider is quite challenging. On the way you will pass some steep cliffs, and crossed the River at least as much as 7 times and will also be invited to penetrate protected forest that looks like a wilderness: for still awake keasriannya.

But it seems that you guys will travel more lightly, because when youare in luck, then you guys can find some wildlife such as birds, monkeys, butterflies, and dragonflies or other insects of various types in protected forest which is known for its diversity of flora and fauna that exist in it.

And the difficulty of the journey you travel will be paid off in full when you guys arrive at the location of the falls. Because you guys will bedazzled by the splendor of the East Bank of the mountain Roared that looks like a pile of natural crystals are arranged neatly.

And of course with the main objects namely the main waterfall which has an elevation of approximately 100 metres who was accompanied by several small waterfall which surely will make this place become so memorable in the hearts of all of you.

Paths And Routes To Waterfalls Lider.

Foto dan Gambar Air Terjun Lider, Yang Terindah dan Tertinggi Di Banyuwangi
ilustrasi from sites.google.com

 Tile From heading to Sempu subdistrict North to as far as 7 km.
 From the Sub-District of Jambewangi through the village heading to Sempu village Source Arum who is 7 km.
 Once you guys at post 1 in the area of the estate, then you guys are obliged to fill in the list complete with what the purposes of visit you guys.

Upon arrival you guys in dukuh Lider, you guys are still obliged to proceed as far as 3 km heading into the deadline of clove plantations, where there are entrances to the waterfall Lider. 1 in the post area of plantations, you are asked to fill out a list of visits complete with what needs you.

Upon arrival you in settlement of our obligation to the citizens of entrusting the vehicle. After that you guys are obliged to walk to the waterfall locations across a footpath that has only half a meter wide wrote that are on the side of cliffs with affix six rivers in the middle of the forest. The condition of the trail had been groomed with varying instructions complete the course, but still quite wet and slippery also winding up. As for the distance of a post with the location of the waterfall is Located about 1 km away.

And remember to make sure the condition of the vehicle you guys completely in a State of good Because it is extremely difficult to traverse terrain with mountain stones almost taper along the way.

Aksesbilitas Waterfall Is Located.

Location of Waterfalls 3 is approximately 45 km from the Centre of kabuapaten Banyuwang. And to be able to arrive at the location of Terjuan Water tour Lider, there are two routes you guys are going through. The first way: with a pass through the villages of Jambewangi, perjalananan with distance along the Sempu 15 km. and the second alternative way i.e. passed villagers Sragi, Songgon with a distance of about 8 km journey from township residents.

But unfortunately, the condition of both roads in two lines were alikein conditions that are less good. Because in addition to the operations that will not be paved, the course also in conditions severely damaged. And not to mention when it is in the current rainy season, this Street will become very muddy and slippery.

If you guys chose to wear the first yanv line, i.e. from the city of Banyuwangi then please navigate vehicles heading to the Sub-district of tile first. After arriving in this subdistrict, then compulsory journey continues towards the North or Sub Sempu approximately 7 km and after that continue heading to the village of Sumberwangi, Songgon which passes through the village of Jambewangi at a distance of 7 km as far as the perjalann To arrive at the deadline could drive i.e. post l area plantations that existed in dukuh Lider.

for taking public transportation from the city of Banyuwangi, mak please take a bus heading for Jember. After it's down in the old Terminal roof tiles. Then change the type of transport: with rural transportation with majors leading to Sempu Subdistrict. After that from this kecamatan sempu, you guys can continue their journey to the village ofSonggon as far as 10 km.

Please ride or taxi can also walk towards to village of Sumberwangi while enjoying the panoramic view of the clove plantations nature indeed lay out surrounding you. And once the host Lider, then you guys are still obliged to continue the journey you guys again as far as 3 kmtowards to end of the clove plantations limit, which is where there are entrances to the waterfall.

And in the post this vehicle l you guys can you guys leave her in theparking lot and the estate duty officer. In addition, the visitors also are required to fill out forms visit complete with what his hand here (would have been on vacation and travel).

After you guys through a long journey with vehicles, and by entrusting the vehicle you guys in the post, and continued by foot along the trail yanv just had a half meter wide on the sides of cliffs plus the existence of six streams in the middle of the forest.

As for the mengeni condition of this footpath, narrow already arranged neatly and is complete with a variety of instructions course, but quite slippery when basag and also winding up. As for the distance ofa post with a waterfall Located about 1 km away.

As for the other alternative way to get to the waterfall Located through the village of Songgon, with a distance of Sragi travel approximately 8 km from the township residents. However I will not be menerjelaskan by way of detail about the line, but only generally wrote. In this alternative pathway, during the journey, you will be presented withthe air fresh and cool. With a row of pine plants, rubber and sugarcane will also be visible.

Facilities and accommodations at Waterfall Lider.

Unfortunately there would be no food vending stalls so you guys are strongly encouraged to bring their own food and drink provision. This may be due to far and hard it is compulsory to medanyang arrivedto the interesting tourist destinations on this one.

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